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Communications is a vital industry that requires specialized service often in remote areas. Northwest Crane Service provides that specialized service. With the ability to reach maximum tip heights of more than 500ft and reliable all terrain cranes, Northwest can easily erect or dismantle cellular and radio towers of any size located on any terrain. On the ground Northwest's compact highly maneuverable cranes can easily navigate tight cellular site locations to set control buildings and antenna equipment. With an extensive rigging, spreader bar inventory, and experienced engineers Northwest can provide tailored rigging solutions for multi-point cell building pics.

We offer lifting services for:

  • Cellular and Radio Tower Erection/Dismantling
  • Cellular and Radio Antenna Maintenance/Installation
  • Cellular and Radio Control Building Setting
  • Rooftop Antenna and Equipment Setting


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Featured Projects

70,000lb Cellular Building Mountain Top Set

70,000lb Cellular Building Mountain Top Set

Northwest Crane Service and Northwest Logistics Heavy Haul collaborated to transload, transport, and set a 70,000lb Cellular Structure over space limited mountainous terrain. Northwest Crane Service... Read more ›

Northwest Picks a 911 Tower in Kansas

Northwest Picks a 911 Tower in Kansas

Northwest Team members worked in Wellington, Kansas with the Liebherr LTM 1400 to provide crane service for the maintenance of a 911 emergency services tower. The team utilized a fixed jib configurati... Read more ›

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