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LTC1050 3.1: All-terrain Mobile CraneLTC1050 3.1

The LTC 1050-3.1 delivers the outstanding handling or classic all-terrain cranes and its compact design also makes it an ideal hoisting unit for use in very constricted areas, for example for crane work inside industrial buildings

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 Technical Data                                                                                   
max. lifting capacity 110,200 lbs at 10 ft radius
Telescopic boom 27 ft - 118 ft
Lattice jib 5 ft - 43 ft
Carrier engine/output Mercedes-Benz, 6-cylinder, Turbo-Diesel, 260 kW 
Drive/steering 6 x 6 x 6
Travel speed 53 mph
Operational weight 79,200 lbs 
Total counterweight 14,330 lbs 

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