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Liebherr LR1300: Crawler Crane

Due to their high level of mobility and excellent performance the wide range of possible applications starts with the common lifting and assembly jobs and ends with smaller clamshell and dragline applications. The Liebherr crawler cranes come up with outstanding advantages like superior load charts in most configurations, variety of possible configurations, quick and easy assembly, practical and cost-effective transportation, state of the art electronic system (based on CANBUS technology) including most modern power train management, online calculation of the maximum working load, high safety through redundant safety systems and high quality trough many proven specifications inherited from strong duty cycle crawler cranes. To further enhance the load capacities of the LR 1300 also a derrick system as well as a suspended counterweight is available.

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Technical Data
Max. lifting capacity 660,000 lbs at 14.7 ft
Main boom, light/heavy 393 ft - 321 ft
Lattice jib 370 ft
Fixed jib 115 ft
Max. combination 564 ft
Engine output 612 h.p
Travel speed 0.84 mph
Superstructure / central ballast 272,000 lbs / 124,000 lbs
Derrick ballast  264,000 lbs

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