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Liebherr LR11000: Crawler Crane                                                                       

The LR 11000 covers a wide range of use with its large number of boom versions including the PowerBoom parallel boom system.The LR 11000 has been designed so that it can be used in constricted areas, for example in refineries. It has also been designed to ensure  that it can be transported at low cost.

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Technical Data
max. lifting capacity 2,205,000 lbs at 36 ft
max. load moment 15,171 tm
Main boom, light/heavy 59 ft - 510 ft
Lattice jib 59 ft - 374 ft
Derrick mast 98 ft - 118 ft
Superstructure-/central ballast 551,000 lbs/198,500 lbs
Derrick ballast 992,000 lbs
Engine output 680 h.p
Travel speed 0 - 0.85 mph
Total counterweight 1,741,650 lbs

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